EMAX System Engineering is expert in the development of integrated solutions in the fields of
  • Microprocessor Controls and Embedded Systems
  • Media- and Signalprocessors
  • FPGA and CPLD
  • Discrete Logic
This includes computer-aided circuit design, boardlayout performed with Altium Designer or Eagle and hardware dependent assembler and C-coding.
You will benefit from our experience in
  • ARM 32 Bit
  • Motorola/Freescale 68000er Family incl. Embedded
    Controller 68332 and 68349, Coldfire and DSP56000

  • Atmel AVR RISC 8 Bit Microcontroller
  • Intel 960 RISC, 80x86, 8031 and derivate
  • Philips TriMedia/Nexperia Mediaprocessor

  • Infineon TriCore
  • Zilog Z80
FPGA design and simulation is performed in VHDL especially for Xilinx products. Thereby the implementation of entire embedded systems including softcores as MicroBlaze and memory controllers is supported.

EMAX System Engineering designes circuit boards to optimally meet your requirements. That applies to industrially manufactured multilayer boards designed in fine line ore microvia technology as well as costumized prototyps and testing circuits.

Experienced in the area of analog technique EMAX System Engineering designes amplifiers, filters, controlling elements and power supply units containing linear and switching regulators.

The EMAX hardware development is based on a solid measurement technology using signal generators and a modular logic analyser including gigahertz oscilloscopes and 102 chanal 250MHz state /500MHz timing analysis.

Embedded Systems

Design of integrated
Hardware and Software

Media Processing
Mixed Signal PCB

Microprocessor Technology


Coding and Development
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